Carved and Sandblasted Signs

Carved signs have been a large part of our business since we began in 1988. Our work with carved signs ranges in style from traditional classic, v-carved lettering and gold-leaf, to contemporary designs, for commercial as well as residential uses. Sandblasted signage lasts for decades and often feature fine detailed painting on raised design areas.

View our gallery of carved and sandblasted signs below. You may pause the slideshow or review any image by clicking on a thumbnail.



  • Commonman
    Sandblasted and hand painted sign made from urethane. Concord, NH.
  • Babybungalow
    Advantage Signs custom design. Carved and sandblasted sign. Main Street, Concord NH.
  • Barley House
    Original design by Advantage Signs. Incised carving combined with paint and gold leaf, fabricated from signfoam. Main Street, Concord, NH.
  • Carriagehill
    Original design by Advantage Signs. Hand carved sign with gold leaf lettering.
  • Henry's
    Carved and sandblasted fabricated in signfoam. Eight feet high by 10 feet wide. Manchester, NH.
  • Knoxland
    Carved and gold leaf sign.
  • Madeleines
    Individual routed letters with gold leaf. Routed PVC backer.Main Street, Concord NH.
  • St Paul's
    Carved gold leaf letters with stained glass quatrofoil. Concord, NH.
    High relief carved interpretation of the Stoneyfield Farm logo. Londonderry, NH.
  • Three Chimneys
    Original design by Advantage Signs. Hand carved sign in signfoam with gold leaf lettering and hand turned finials. Durham, NH.