Electric and Lighted Signs

Many businesses or organizations promote their location with high visibility lighted signs. The back lit sign has been one of the most popular ways of attracting customers from long distances and at night. Even when the weather is not in your favor, these types of signage can still illuminate the path to your customers from your location.

View our gallery of electric and lighted signs below. You may pause the slideshow or review any image by clicking on a thumbnail.



    Channel letters mounted on custom sign background. Manchester, NH.
  • Grace Church
    Combination backlit and internally illuminated. Cross and dove logo are 18' tall. Pembroke, NH.
  • Psnh
    Internally illuminated sign. Manchester, NH.
  • Bullrun
    Channel letters mounted on a wall. Hooksett, NH.
  • Unitedstudios
    Cut out, illuminated letters mounted in a sign cabinet. Concord, NH.
  • Autospa
    Backlit sign face 17 feet long, Concord NH.
  • Pembroke
    Cabinet sign with changeable copy and illuminated face. Pembroke, NH.
  • Wnnd
    Neon halo illuminated sandblasted glass.