Specialty Signs

Advantage Signs is known for its innovation and creative thinking. We continually look to to bring mixed medias in the creation of unique specialty signage. We have successfully adapted gold leaf, neon, metal, wood, foam and vinyl to a variety of projects. Virtually any material used on the market today is within our reach, allowing us to encompass the full spectrum of sign possibilities.

View our gallery of specialty signs below. You may pause the slideshow or review any image by clicking on a thumbnail.



  • Babybungalow
    Advantage Signs custom design. Carved and sandblasted sign. Main Street, Concord NH.
  • PSNHint
    Laser cut letters and logo. Brushed aluminum.
  • Constantly
    Custom menu sign for Constantly Pizza. Concord, NH.
  • Oneill
    Hand painted house sign with interchangeable seasonal panels.
  • Roadking
    Sandblasted and painted mirror. Reverse blasted.
    Hand painted house sign.